Problems with Backup

Hello All

I am  trying to use the backup facility on SQL Server 7.0.    When I try to backup to a device or file. I get the following error message:

Cannot open backup device temp_2.  Device error or device off-line.  See the SQL Server error log for more details.  Backup or Restore operation terminating abnormally.

I also tried running the backup as a  query  shown below:

USE master

EXEC sp_addumpdevice 'disk', 'MyNwind_1',       'c:\mssql7\backup\MyNwind_1.dat'
-- Back up the full MyNwind database.
BACKUP DATABASE PatientData TO MyNwind_1

This produces the error as shown below:

'Disk' device added.
Server: Msg 3202, Level 16, State 1, Line 6
Write on 'MyNwind_1' failed, status = 112. See the SQL Server error log for more details.
Server: Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Line 6
Backup or restore operation terminating abnormally.

Is anyone aware of the possible cause of this error and  where do I find the error log file which should give more details.

I look forward for a reply.

Best Regards

Asif Mughal

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There is a subfolder in mssql7 called Log. The file called errorlog is the current errorlog. The previous error logs have extensions 1,2,3..

The error you recieve means that for some reason SQL cannot access the backup device. For some reason - may there is not enough disk space or there permissions set which prevent you from accessing it.
First add the backup device adding backup device.Actually adding backup device is only enter the filename which u wanna use for backup purpose.
In that file it will take whole backup of database selected.
This will work.
try taking backup from enterprise manager.
You forgot to include the "WITH INIT" option on your dump statement.

It should be
-- Back up the full MyNwind database.

The dump device does not actually exist(or get created) until the very first time you use it and supply the "WITH INIT" option.

- Mike

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