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I have a dutch-language LoNo R5 client right out of the box with one local database. When I answer to messages the suffix Betr. (dutch for RE) will be added to the subject. I would like to change this to RE. (intl. style) but haven't a clue how to do it. I am the sole user (manager security) but can't find the form and a way to change the form involved.
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jschwarzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'll hazzard an answer even though I don't speak Dutch (some say I barely speak English).  These instructions may be slightly different for a Dutch version of Notes:

Edit the Subject field on forms "Reply" and "Reply With History".  Your forms may be slightly different if you have a different version of the mail template installed.  I can't determine which form is used for forwarding.

Remove the "Prefix +" in the last line (shown here):

  @If(@Trim(@UpperCase(@Word(Subj; ":"; 1))) = "RE"; Subj; Prefix + Subj)

Or remove the "RE: +" if this is the last line you have:

  @If(@Trim(@UpperCase(@Word(Subj; ":"; 1))) = "RE"; Subj; "Re: " + Subj)

You will also have to remove the design inheritance for those forms (or disable it by selecting "Do not allow design refresh/replace to modify".  This will protect your changes from being overwritten by the Refresh process that probably runs every night on your network.
do you know whether you want to do this all the time or only when you send the mail to people who do not read/speak Dutch ?

vhoevenAuthor Commented:
I would like to do this all the time (eg. I think a form has to be edited), the few dutch anwers can be edited at the subjectline itself.
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