Linux-Mandrake Video Configuration Problem(maybe!)

When I load KDM, my screen blacks out certain parts of the menus. The graphical environment in general is distorted. I have a SIS 6326 video adapter, and an Optiquest Q41 monitor. I've tried xf86config, but haven't had any luck. Any suggestions???
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Try using Xconfigurator , if your card isn't autodetected . select
sis 6326 from the card list , select your monitor
from monitor setup. if you monitor isn't listed
choose custom , follow the instruction.
eg : monitor type , vertical refresh rate -> then select autoprobe, then select resolution and color depth. if succeded then a graphical display will displayed in the monitor. and you will be asked if the display is okay and are you want booting default to gui. if failed
try to running Xconfigurator again and this time
choose lower resolution and/or color depth.


Budi Aditya

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chadlyAuthor Commented:
Hey Buddy, it still doesn't work. I've tried every combination, but Xconfigurator still doesn't work. I was told to resort to xf86config. It seems I can get closer to a correct setup using xf86config. What do you think?
yes , using xf86config is more precise than
Xconfigurator , but that's olny for experienced
user. personally i using sis6326 (agp) in home
and i setup it  with Xconfigurator. And it's works.
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