cd rom problem

Hi there,

    The music CD is not playing on my computer. But if I convert the wav files into MP3 files I could play them. Why this is happening? When I shut down the system it plays the exit windows sound. Why it works for windows not music CDs.

    Please help me with this.
    Thanking you
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BigMarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would guess that this has never worked.  Take the top of your PC and have a look at the back of your CD drive.  There should be three cables: a 4 wire power connecteor, a ribbon cable and a small 3 or 4 wire connector that goes into your CD audio.
Wav files etc play through the ribbon cable while CD audio runs through the 3 or 4 wire one.
You will probably find that either the cd audio cable is missing or the pin connections are wrong.  To sort out the correct pin connections you will need the manual to your sound card and a good look at the back of the CD drive.
You should see a pattern like LGGR on the CD:- Left Ground Ground Right.  This corresponds to the Left and right channels.  Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule on the sound card end henced the need for the manual.
Some gently lifting of plastic tabs etc will normally allow you to reconfigure the ends of your CD audio cable.

Oh by the way, you can ensure that your CD is working OK by plugging your speakers into the headphone socket on the front of the drive - it may be really low volume, but it should be there.

If all of the above looks OK:

1.  Make sure the CD audio cable is going to the "CD In" socket ont he sound card.
2.  The mixer in windows has all volume slider up at least part way.

This should solve your problems
CD AUDIO may be muted, double click on little speaker in system tray, check your audio settings. Lastly, the audio wires that connect to your soundcard may be loose.  Can you play a CD and hear it through the headphone jack? (using headphones of course, don't try sticking your ear up to the jack hole)
if the above fails, try this:
i had similar problem with my cd player, after playing certain games sometimes the cd player would stop working( no sound),? do not know why?, but if i put the tomb raider 2 cd in  and ran TR2
for a minute or so , on exiting windows the sound would have magically returned,
i think its cos TR2 is so aggresive when it runs... Bill
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