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DVD Info needed?

In very basic terms, what do I need to view DVD movies on my TV. I am having a small disagreement with a friend of mine. He says you need a video out on your video card, but I say you connect from the out jacks on the back of the DVD player. Can someone clear this up as to how to connect a DVD player to a TV. There is no brand name in question here, it is a generic question.
1 Solution
DVD player within a computer?
Does it have outputs that are NTSC (or whatever) in back?
BeaufordAuthor Commented:
Yes, within a computer. Your second question is what I want to know. Are there jacks on the back that connect to the TV? If not what is the normal procedure to hooking one up to a TV. As I mentioned this is a generic question and there is no specific brand name I have in mind. I guess in simpler terms, when I go to the store and buy a DVD player for my PC - what do I need to be able to watch movies with it on my TV.

The answer is always that it takes a match.  You connect a Video Out from your DVD player or Video Card to a Video INPUT on your TV.

Now the bad news, this is not always easy.  Less expensive TV's don't even have Audio or Video Input or Output jacks, and a mismatch in connectors which would require a special cord with one type of plug on one end and a different one on the other might be nearly as expensive as the DVD player which connects to the TV like a VCR (in between the TV and the wall jack, using the Cable).

Hope this doesn't discourage you,  just get a good look at your connectors and jacks and shop for the right cord at a well-stocked video store, if you can get a cord and advice without being sold a new player if you don't need one!

Most internal DVD players don't have video/audio out jacks on the drive.  They usually go through a hardware or software decoder first before this is produced.  The ribbon cable is usually the only output, so you would need TV out on your video card.  Alternatively, there are ways you pipe your SVGA output to your TV, but the quality is poor.
BeaufordAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.

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