Video analog connector problem with an iMac.

Hi, I just bought an iMac DV SE. I know that I can record video through Firewire port but I don't have a Firewire camcorder (I don't have money to buy it !)

And, I already have analog, you know the yellow connector video output devices... How can I use them?

Is there a very inexpensive way to afford that?

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Not sure if there are any Composite Video-FireWire converters, but now I'm curious too, so I'll look around. Wouldn't think so though.
Second. I'm not totally familiar with the card on this, but it is an ATI VR 128. Meaning it may have the second port on the video card for hookup to an Xclaim VR. It looks kinda like a super video connector and would be right under the 15pin VGA connector. If there is one then you can get teh X-Claim VR and have composite video in and out and have TV as well!
"I have a Sony DV/FireWire->NTSC composite/s-video converter. Apple even sells them at the Apple Store now. It works great. The only drawback is the price..." Quote from a friend that's already doing this.
I found it myself at the "Apple Store". You'll find it under accessories, right on the first page.
I found out, this is rather expensive, but the only way around it, since it's  taking an analog signal and changing it into a purely digital form.

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WeinAuthor Commented:
ah.. okay. thanks for your answer. can I end this question a little bit later ? because I want to hear other sugestions or maybe there will be other goods.

But the points belong to you. don't you worry.

sure. Glad to be able to help. There's also a usb adapter. XlR8 interview. Obviously it is not a solution for the professionals, however, it did do between 27-30fps at 320X240, and at $99 its not such a bad deal...... You'll just have to bring the audio in seperate through the line in sound jack.
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