Multiple LN Domain on a single Server

Is it possible to run 2 LN server on a single physical server? or two domains on a single LN server?

Any comments,

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stampConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok Reden,

so say me what mashine do you want to use for this.
The important thing is TCP/IP.

You can use both servers on one IP stack; one of both had to use non standard ports (http,smtp,...)
I do not recomand you to do so.
Beter is to have two separate network cards and  ip addresses.

When you have this, the rest is easy...

On OS/390 (and other UNIXes) you are asked for the number of server you want to install.

On WinNT you install it twice in separate directories.
The only problem could be that the installation routine of the second server renames your first servers notes.ini to notes.000

After installing both you can settup one after other, and set both as first in a domain, or put the secon server into first domain and define as additional server.

In both cases you should think in advance of your host names presented to network. Problem could be DNS domain name resolution. You can have both servers in one DNS domain evan with two separate Notes Domains.

But whay do you think about this complicated things?
I think hardware is cheaper then the Domino server (when you pay for it). And having a complicated installation without need is not a good idea.

Hi Reden,

two Domino server on a physical mashine: yes
two Domino server on a physical mashine with diferent Domain: yes

What now?

redenAuthor Commented:
Of course I need to know how to do it
redenAuthor Commented:
We'll be moving a department into a new company and one selling point is to have their own domain but we don't have the hardware yet.
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