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Hello experts,

I have a few question that come across my head when I browse thru a smalll program regarding pointers..

From my understanding a pointer is declare as :
     char *ptr;

but I saw a special case where some programmer declare as :
   char **ptr;

I just hope u can explain to me about this type of pointer what it means and show me some small example (if u can I will appreciate it).


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char **p;  is a pointer to a pointer.  This might help a bit:

char c  this is a byte in memory that stores a char.

char *c  this is a pointer to a memory location where a char resides.  You need to dereference that pointer to access the variable.

char **c  this is a pointer to a pointer to a memory location. You need to dereference this variable twice also.  Keep in mind, this COULD be a pointer to a string(which is a pointer to a block of chars in memory).

If you see it being used in a function call, then it is most likely a pointer to a string.  Many programmers use **c(also known as handles) or single pointers when they want to fill a variable.  So it starts out with blank, the function gets called and when it returns, there is something in there.  So you would declare as follows:

char *String = "";


Hope this helps!


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dekoay, do you want article about
pointers? You can get it from
http://www.snippets.org/ (as part
of zip file)
or i can send you (write you EMail)
dekoayAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the explanation regarding this pointer... However, does this only works with gcc compiler(in unix) or this is an ANSI standards ?

However, I'm quite understanding after the exaplnation....

Thanks again

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this is an ANSI standard.  I suppose if you got super bored you could do something like this:

char *****c;

and deal with it from there...but don't, or someone will NOT like you're code.  ;-)  Basically, you can add as many pointers to something as you wish(I don't think there's a limit)...

dekoayAuthor Commented:
hello Bud,

Thanx for the conclusion
no problem, it's called earning the points.  =)

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