2 run time Anywhere on NT???

Can I have 2 Anywhere 5.0 run time on the same NT??? Or that might really cause some conflicts??? Or would that be poosible if I am going to install a complete Anywhere engine side by side with a Anywhere run time engine??? (There is already a run time Anywhere 5.0 resided in the NT!)
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david_levineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's details directly from Sybase:

  B.Operating System Specific
  C.Protocols Specific

  A. General --- Apply to any situations

    Can be done?  - Yes
    Per seat / Concurrent  - Totally no problem with per seat. For concurrent,
when database server starts up, it might prompt you to split up the number
of license among the servers. Would suggest customer to purchase separate
sets of license for each server.
    Database servers has to be of different names - So that clients would
know how to connect to a specific database with the unique combination
of a server name and a database name.
    (Optional) Performance - Although you can have multiple database servers
on the same machine, but have to watch closely on resources utilization.

  B.Operating System Specific

    Win 3.x
    QNX (need research)
    OS2 (need research)
    Solaris (need research)

  C. Protocols Specific

    TCPIP  - Have to specify different port numbers when starting up database
server. For example:

To start up 1st database server:

dbsrv50 -n server1 -x tcpip{port=1498} d:\sqlany50\sademo.db -n database1

To start up 2nd database server:

dbsrv50 -n server2 -x tcpip{port=5000} d:\databases\class.db -n database2

    IPX / SPX (need research)
    NetBIOS / NetDG - Name driven, as long as you have the database server
names unique, client would be able to locate server by broadcast.
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