Converting sound object in scrap to wav

In Bookshelf Basic's dictionary, using the copy function for the pronunciation feature produces a scrap file which, when opened, registers in SoundRecorder as Sound Object in Scrap.  

Is there a way to convert the sound to a wav file without playing the sound through audio line out and recording through audio line in?
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calacucciaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi bectelsenj,

Well, glad yo came up with this question, I have the Bookshelf installed but never used it.

Played around a bit, and I think the following might help.

Once the Sounce Object in Scrap is in the Sound Recorder, you perform a edit/copy (or Ctrl+C).

Then you close the sound recorder, open the sound recorder separately, and do a edit/paste operation (or Ctrl+V)

Now, the file can be saved as a .wave file, just go to File/Save As/ and enter file location and name.

Hope this helps,

Hi bectelsenj,

are you sure you posted this question in the right area (MSOffice).

This all sounds very unknown to me.

Which program do you use?

When you click on home (on top of this page, you can see a bunch of other subject area's.

bectelsenjAuthor Commented:
Microsoft Office Bookshelf Basics is included on the Office 97 Pro CD-ROM.  In Bookshelf's dictionary, you can copy the audio pronunciation of word entries to the clipboard, or to Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.  

I wasn't exactly sure where else to post this question.  Any suggestions?
bectelsenjAuthor Commented:
Thanks, calacuccia.  That works fine.  If anyone happens to know of a way do this kind of operation as a batch conversion, please let me know.

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