retore file from remote tape

I have 2 Servers, one (A ip: has tape drive
one (B ip: doesn't have it
I want restore some file which  store ina tape   to server B

What is the command I can do it
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This depends greatly on what program was used to create the tape, but since you mention tar, I'll assume that.

Meanwhile, the key here is to get the bits from machine A to B.  This is usually done in this case useing rsh (aka remsh on some systems) on B to grab the bits off the tape on A like this:
  rsh A dd bs="$size" if="$device" | tar xvf -

where $size is the blocksize of the tape(1k) and $device is the tape device (/dev/rmt/0m).  You'll probably have to setup your ~/.rhosts file on B  to allow this as well.

If your site doesn't run rsh for security reasons, look into Secure SHell (

This basic method will work tar, cpio, pax,, dump and other archive programs that can read from stdin (though there's also rrestore so you can avoid some of the setup with dump).

It ususally doesn't work with commercial backups systems, but most of those directly support remote backup/restore.

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You can remotely dump (ufsdump).
But you can't restore from a remote tape.
This is true for Solaris ufsdump.
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