Can you automate account setups?

Is there a tool that will enable me to create a generic account setup? Several times a week, I need to set up a directory with subdirectories, set permissions, build an IIS 4.0 site, and send a form letter by email? Can any or all of this be automated easily? (i.e. with very simple tools or scripts)
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JimmyPopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hyena is excellent for automating creation of user accounts and exchange accounts.
To create shares and set permissions on those shares you can enter the following lines into a batch file.

rmtshare \\yourserver\yourdirectory=yoursharename /g everyone:r /remark:"This is a shared folder" >nul

rmtshare is the command, followed by the ARC pathname, followed by the EVERYONE group and the letter "r" for the read permission. And a remark to go in the comment field of the share.

As far as creating the directories just use the md yourdirectory commands.

Can't help you with the IIS though sorry.

I guess you can just put the path of the setup.exe in the batch file and it will run it. As for the form....not sure.
djamon: have you confused ARC and UNC??
Sorry I meant that.
RLFrankeAuthor Commented:
This is exactly the kind of tool I was looking for - thank you!
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