MS Scripting Runtime

I have use MS Scripting Runtime libary in my program written in VB5 with SP3 on Win98. After preparing the setup files for my applcation using VB Setup Wizard and install it in a PC with Win95 OSR2, my applcation got a GPF error with the SCRRUN.DLL. Can MS Scripting Runtime can be used in a WIN95? or what other files should I include in the setup files??
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halapayaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
dependacy problem again.. first u get the dependacy utilty, which will show a files dependancies..

these are the files which gives problems for u make sure u put all the latest versions ....


run the latest VBRUN60.EXE file from ur setup, it'll install latest oleautomation files.. then the other file which may give problem is

MSVCRT.DLL make sure the versions are latest...

LCPAuthor Commented:
Where can I get the copy of VBRUN60.EXE???
You go to microsoft website and
do a search for VBRUN60.EXE
also usefull files for redistribution purposes are


i can't remember the direct link .. a search will give u its link for sure..
LCPAuthor Commented:
I have just try somethings..
I write a simple program in VB6 using MS Scripting runtime to display disk freespace in form_load. and make the setup package.. and install it into another machine, the program also got a GPF error even I have run the VBRUN60.exe before run the setup....
I didn't try OLEUPD40.EXE yet.. may be it really can help...

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