Debugging Active X control made with VC++ 6 in VC++5

I wrote an activex with Visual C++ 6.0 and I want to compile  and debug it with Visual C++ 5.0.
How can I do it?
It doesn't pass the compilation.
I have an  error:
Command Line Error MIDL1012: argument illegal for switch / /o
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NorbertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only Idea I have is
create a project from the scratch with the same settings like the vc6.0 project
with VC5
delete all files created by appwizzard
add all files from the other project
reset precompiled header options(it is lost by deleteing the files)
and try that
I don't think that it is possible
michaliAuthor Commented:
I'm sure there is a way.
This is not at all possible.

Yeah like Norbert has suggested, you could create a new project from scratch.

Do not confuse "Backward Compatibility" with "Reverse compatibility"...if there is such a term!!

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