System.ini references nonexisting files

On my PC I did an install and some of the files weren't on a CD, so the system.ini references these files and doesn't find when windows loads up.  So I have to press enter a bunch of times before windows starts.

For example, it will say something like...

System.ini references dfs.vxd, this file is not found, press any key to continue.

How do I fix this kind of problem, besides adding a "fake" file to trick system.ini ?  It is one of those annoying errors that doesn't cause windows to fail, but it makes it a pain to start up.
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1cellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, had to do this many times, follow these instructions explicitly.

1)  Reboot the system and note each missing file
2)  In Windows, go to start | run and type regedit and hit enter
3)  In the registry editor, click on registry | export registry file
4)  name the file registry.bak and save it directly to C:
5)  Now, click on edit | find and search for one of the files you noted
*** it is very important you follow this exactly ***
6)  when the search process stops, highlighting something, hit delete and confirm "yes"
7)  after deleting that file, click F3 to continue the search
8)  Once again, when it stops, hit delete and then F3 to continue the search
9)  Continue this process until the search is finished for each file noted above.  

That should do it.
sbisseyAuthor Commented:
It's not as simple as editing the .ini files, at least I've tried it and had no success or cause further damage.

- I'd love to know how to fix this type of error because I have seen it many times.
if you have any questions, let me know.
sbisseyAuthor Commented:
I'll test it out tomorrow night because the problem is on my friend's computer.  Then I'll give you all my points.  Thanks.
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