Macmillan Complete OS 6.5 and Gateway

Everything is successfully installed, drives partitioned, etc.  The problem is in the video configuration (moniter/video card).  I have a Samsung Syncmaster monitor, but I am unable to find an exact model number that matches any in the setup and none of them worked when I guessed.  That is the first part of my problem.  The second part of the problem is the Video Card.  I believe I have an ATI card, but likewise, I don't have any model number.  so the only program that works now is basically the VI editor.  I can't run any graphics.  I would appreciate any advice on the specific configuration.  Thanks in advance.  
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dbenfellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Support for the ATI Rage 128 is available with XFree86 version 3.3.6.  And there is a Mandrake RPM available at  Install this and you'll probably find things a lot easier.
Do you have your documentation for the syncmaster?  If you do, you can hand-enter the hsync and vsync values in the XF86Config file (often in /etc/X11/XF86Config)
A few more facts, please! Is this "Macmillan Complete OS 6.5" a RedHat/Mandrake derivative? Macmillan sells mainly books, AFAIK, so you probably have bought a book with CD included. The book should tell you which distribution their's is based.

The docs for your Syncmaster should tell you the needed values for vertical an horizontal refresh rates.
If you have them and your distribution in RedHat based, run


This should autodetect your card (if supported, else the SVGA server might work) and give you the possibility to enter your data without having to choose a fixed model.
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PS.: If you don't know which card you have in your computer, look into your docs. If no docs are available, reboot your computer. The very first thing you should see after a reset is a screen from your card, telling you that
it initialized OK. This may flicker by very fast, you might have to repeat the process a few times until you know what your card says.
paslaxAuthor Commented:
Here's a little more info:
Video: ATI AGP Rage 128 VR 8MB
Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster 17"
 horz: 30-70
 vert: 50-160

After manually entering the
values into XF86Config, I run "startx" and receive the following
"None of the configured devices were detected.  Fatal server error:
no screens found."  Before that, it lists about 20 different screen
resolutions, each followed by "Deleted."
I think with the rage128VR, you'll want to download the latest Xfree86 (I'm quite sure it's supported in > 3.3.4), and install that.

You can get xfree86 from .  If you are using mandrake, I would not recommend using the version of xfree86 that it installs--Mandrake made some type of compilation error before releasing their distribution:  a compilation error that adversely affects S3 virge chipsets, and also Voodoo3 cards.  It may also extend to your card, as well.
paslaxAuthor Commented:
I am slowly making progress here.  I have run into another problem that is probably very simple, but I just don't see it.  I tried to run XF86Setup and I get a message saying that I need to be in VGA16 mode to initialize the configuration.  I don't care why this is, so much as how can I put my system in VGA 16 mode?  Thanks again.
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