Outllook Express Address Book

In Outlook Express (version 5.01)  I have the Contacts view open (which is my address book).  My address book is sorted on last name basis, however the contacts list is sorted on a first name basis (which makes it almost useless).

Can anyone tell me how to sort the contacts view by last name?
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Right click anywhere in the contacts view and select "Sort...". This should bring up a dialog box with a drop down menu, where you can select what you want to sort by.
ndcpaAuthor Commented:
To Djamon.  This did not work.

If you right click in the contacts view nothing happens.

NOTE: I am in OUTLOOK EXPRESS not Outlook 98
If you imported the addresses, most likely the First Name field contains both the First and Last Name.  I had this happen to me, required manually editing the names.

Double click on a name and see what format it is saved under on the contact card.

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ndcpaAuthor Commented:

You are not exactly correct, however you comment lead me to the correct answer.  Under the individual contact properties is aname page.  On that page you enter first name last name. This is what you are referring to (I think) and you are suggesting that the whole name got into the first name slot.

Well that is close but not exactly.  There is also a Display pulldown on that page.  In that box is my answer.  There you can select how the name is displayed.

You got me there so you get the points.
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