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I have an old (yet still very functional) gateway pentium 75MHz computer.  I want to use its AMP ability to spin-down the hard drives after so long. There is a setting in BIOS to do this however it says I must install a program called POWER.EXE in my config.sys file. I previously had it installed before I upgraded to win95 and it put the computer into somekind of suspend but didn't spin-down the hard drives. What is this program/What does it do?  Will it affect windows 95?  Is there anything else I need to do to make this work????????
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Due to problems/conflicts between hardware APM and Windows APM, I would recommend this:

In CMOS, enable power management but disable all subcomponents.  Use the PM features in Windows to control all PM.  

I'm sure some will disagree but I have seen more conflicts than it's worth when running APM from CMOS
Totally agree with 1cell.

USe the power applet in control panel to setup whatever timeouts you want on the hdd and monitor - it seems to work fine.

From memory power.exe was used by win3.x to provide some sort of power control to that OS.

Hope this helps


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so lets see, your answer is, "you agree with me"?

don't get me wrong, I'm glad you agree.  But tell me, how is that YOUR answer?
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