Large hardrive

I have an 8.4GiG drive when I installed linux it put me in a shell and I could not get back into linux
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hung2k011300Connect With a Mentor Commented:
1) At the "shell" type "startx", if X Windows apear, it seem that you have no problem.

2) If not, may be you install your linux as the 2nd OS, but forget to install "Lilo"

3) Maybe you do something wrong when configure X Windows.  Each distros has their own X Windows configurator, but the most common (but hardest) is type: "xf86config" (may be xf86conf).  Mandrake and Redhat use "Xconfigurator" (capital X).  Slackware use "XF86Setup".

4) Something wrong when use install, or suddenly shutdown your PC, try to type: "fsck".

Bye now,

Hung Le
Did you already have Linux installed?  Generally, you are suppose to be in a shell when you logon to Linux, unless it is set-up to start X Windows immediately.  You can start it with the startx command from the shell.  
GourdAuthor Commented:
I had windows 98 on and was placing linux on the second harddrive so there was no other system on the second drive except for linux
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