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I am totally new at Linux.  Bear with me and my ignorance.  I have a Monster Fusion Video Card w/ 16 Mb RAM.  The only way I can get Linux to come up in X is by using 8-bit 640x480 resolution.  I have a Magnavox CM1215D1 15" monitor that is about three and half years old.  Is there a way I can change the settings inside of X?  Could someone please point me to a link about Linux and monitor recommendations.  Thanks in advance,
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Here's a link for ya...

This page contains a lot of nifty info on making your video board work under XFree.  

I'd test it out for ya, but I have a TNT2,  so that's little help.  

All you have to do, theoretically, is download the proper X server, I believe in your case you want the Voodoo 3 ( not terribly familiar with the Monster Fusion =).

The site is pretty informative and the instructions look pretty good...  If the install gives ya fits though let me know.

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mb7387Author Commented:
wbellman 218,
please e-mail me directly I have a couple of questions.

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