Same movie, different starting point

I have a flash movie with 3 different scenes, say A, B, C.

Is it possible to start the movie at different secen based on the calling url?

for example:
(all the htmls contain the same movie)

Many thanks.

Tasman :)
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AlanGBConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do it using the _URL property and a variable as previously suggested.

BUT ... what you need to do is to use the Get URL action before you point the browser window to the new location. You will need to use a CGI script to set a variable within a database or text file so that when the new location opens the flash movie, you can use a pre-loader to interrogate the file so as to ascertain from which URL you have come from.  Then apply an IF block to set the GOTO AND PLAY action.
I don't think it is possible.
How about having 3 separate pages that have the movie on it but starting at different scenes. Eg, link A will take you to HTML page A which has just got the Scene A in it. Repeat for B and C.
Would this be possible??
tasman082997Author Commented:
The scenes are not Totally seperated.  I would prefer have them all together.

Thanks for you quick response.

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This can be done using JavaScript...
yes, you can do this.

there is a property called _url that can be accessed in flash. this is the url where the movie is loaded. set a variable (let's call it "location") equal to it and make some logical actions to decide what to do depending on what the url is.

set variable "location"= _url

if location eq ""
Goto and play (frame)
else if location eq ""
Goto and play (another frame)


tasman082997Author Commented:

  thank you for your response.  I tried _url properties.  But it gives the same movie.swf file location, not the html location.  

Many thanks.

tasman082997Author Commented:

  thanks for your response.  I am aware of this approach.  But I was looking for a more direct method.  Thanks anyway.

Tasman :)
You could try a different way by using Dreamweaver.  This way you could use java to control the movie.  If you look at the button actions available on the behaviours pallette you'll see that you can actually jump to a particular frame.

Therefore you'll need to use javascript to parse out the URL from where you opened the new window and then tell the time line/movie to jump to the frame of your choice.

The theory seems sound though I haven't had time to actually try it!

Using the CGI script is very easy though!

Good luck!
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