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How I can read the data from the soundcard directly ,using C language.  
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kadhimAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
try talking directly to the port on the board. Look at the help for the following functions: _outp and _inp. Here is a url:
kadhimAuthor Commented:
I know about following functions: _outp and _inp.But I need to port address of the soundcard (how can I get it?)
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kadhimAuthor Commented:
I know about following functions: _outp and _inp.But I need to port address of the soundcard (how can I get it?)
are you sure you want to do this? what you are describing is the (19)80's way of programming sound cards. It is not compatible with other sound cards and it is a lot of work. A much better way, if you are using Windows, is to use the Windows multimedia library which provides a simple, device-independant method of accessing sound cards. In fact, in my opinion this reason in itself is sufficient reason to transfer your project to Windows.
Don't go for Turbo C++ compiler for this HUGE STUFF. Instead of that, if your only criterian is C language then I would suggest you to use DJGPP compiler (32 bit)V2.0 which is readily available at www.delorie.com for free.

There is a large collection of programs
and libraries,one of them is ALLEGRO is a wonderful way of interfacing sound card in C. It comprises of stunning graphics and easy interface. ALLEGRO means ALLEGRO Low LEvel Game ROutines.

If you are ready to switch from Turbo C to DJGPP then this is the solution you need.

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