php3 configuration on windows95 with apache1.3.6

I have a problem configuring php3 on windows 95 with apache 1.3.6 web server.
I have completely followed the instuctions mentioned in the documentation.Thus configuration heas been done for php3.ini & httpd.conf files. Still it says...


on the browser. please help..
with regards,

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Apache can be a bit bitchy as a server when run on Windows... I use Xitami - . It is really easy to use and set up - I've never had any problems with it.
ok, i setup php3 on my windowsNT workstation, with Apache1.3.9 for win32.
what is your problem?
when did it tell u the error?
loading php3 files or just a common html file?
tell me more, i am willing to help u!
I have had the same problem with NT+Apache+PHP. I can imagine two possible mistakes:
- You are using the #! as first line in your scripts (like perl scripts). You don't need that with PHP.
- Or you are puting your scripts in the cgi-bin directory. You have to put them out. You can use a .phtml or .php3 like other normal .html page in your directory. If you want to share some PHP functions you can use de include directive and put your scripts in a common directory (not the cgi-bin).

Maybe you have to correct both.


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tpajithAuthor Commented:

Thankyou.. elrichel

my problem is solved.
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