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Every time i turn on the computer, the windows logon screen pops up prompting for a username and password, it has done this from day one when we bought the computer, we don't use this, we all use the same screen. How do i get this to stop ? it will not finish loading until i hit cancel or close (the x box in corner). i was told to hit ok then it would quit loading up, but when i hit ok it tells me i forget to enter a password...please help this is so frustrating because you cannot turn on the computer and walk away while it loads it does not continue loading until you hit cancel or close... thank you
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ok, do a search for a *.pwl file. If your username is joe, it would be joe.pwl.

Delete that file. Now, restart windows , it will ask again for a password, do this ,Type username: joe and leave the password blank. Click OK

Next time it won't ask for a password anymore.

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Do you use dial up networking, cable or DSL? If so you need this as this is part of Windows 98 networking component which is installed when you set up an internet connection via dial up or othe means of connection.
Oh and if not then RockWolf answer should work.
You could try in CONTROL PANEL, PASSWORDS, click on Users tab and click the box that says all users are the same or whatever the wording is.
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