A real Y2K problem & need advice

WIN98 computer. Y2K compatible, running windows AND running a DOS program under DOS in the same computer.

All working fine for last 5 months since getting new computer. On 5 Jan I acessed the DOS program(first time this new year). Got a black screen with message:
Screenio V2.1.046(16.29.50 mar 22,1990) aborted in panel ars005am   reason=0035 evaluation perion has expired.

So in my miniscule computer knowledge I ended up resetting the date on the computer from y 2000 to y 1986. Now my DOS program works. This program was bought about 1995 and used since then in a 286, then a 386 and for five months in my present windos computer. The software co. (OxTech) has long been out of buis. It's not a demo...came with discs, manual etc.
MY QUESTION: how do I put the correct fix ot the computer....(Is there a fix?) and ...will I screw up anything to come by leaving the date at 1986?
Shoud I toggle the date back and forth as I use the DOS program(almost every day)....I dont use spreadsheets or anything that has a changing date. A real step by step fix would be great!
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I suspect it's the dos prog not y2k, not your pc.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Changing the system clock/time CAN create havoc.  

What's your motherboard and BIOS?  Have you checked the motherboard Web site for BIOS information and update information?  You'll see this information post as the system first boots and can hold the PAUSE key to read the data and PAUSE again to continue the boot process.  

It sounds like the DOS program thinks it's a trial period type of app as well.

What do you use the program for (to accomplish what)???  Perhaps there's an alternative that is current and windows-compatible.

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Have you run WINDOWSUPDate to make sure you've got all you need to fix/update your Windows 98 program?

Also, this may help:


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loudpedal, I would tend to agree with IWIN regarding the source of the problem, however in answer to your question, you could get by by changing the date back and forth, but it appears as though while the software may not have been a demo, it did have a time limitation built in.

Will you screw anything up by leaving the date as 1986, potentially yes, but if this software has a 1990 date, and there was no problem until 1/1/2000, why not slip back to 12/1999.

Nevertheless, the best solutions would be (A) replace the program (what does it do) or (B) find someone who may be able to modify its programming to remove the problem if you really can't do without it.
loudpedalAuthor Commented:
Rather than spend any more time on this I think I will try to find a Windos prog. that I may be able to enter all the data from the dos program into. About 700 names, adresses , mailing labels and data. program is called Make A List. Files are in xxxxx.lbl and xxxxx.lbt. If I have to completely redo all the data so be it. Thanx all.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
There are so many tools available to eliminate rekeying of data; (allow you to migrate exisitng data to other applications) .... many word processing programs have mail/merge processes to do all this.  I'll check our your Make A List item cited, if I can find it.  I do hope you don't have to revert to manual processes; please tell us more.

If you'd like me to post some WordPerfect or MS Word 2000 processes to accomplish a list (if that's what we're doing), I'll do that.

You had no need to pay points on this one if you're unresolved.

Please advise; here to help and learn, not to gobble up your points.

loudpedalAuthor Commented:
Asta...as this is my first visit I thot I allocated 50 points to you.

This M.A.L. program was copyrite 1991, OXtech Software Corp. Wichita, Ks.
Phone was disc. about 1997...no new listing. Under "exporting data" in the manual...."allows you to export records into an ASCII file in order to import to other programs. This may b useful if using a non-database software(such as WordPerfect) to generate form letters".
It has a utilities-export section in which the order that data will b output to ASCII is chosen. Any tips on a good program that might b applicable for a changeover? Think of this program as an adress book that has comments (records) and can print labels.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
ASCII is basic text, and exporting as such, you can use most simple WP apps to read/modify..   For example, Notepad and most others will faciliate TEXT.

Additionally, if you happen to have EXCEL, you can set it up (among many others including sophisticated IE interfaces - Browsers to import text deliminated files --- )....  Don't waste time doing stuff if we can help you shorten your workload.

MANY MANY existing apps allow you to import ASCII (text) files.


Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
As an example, just in searching one database (MS KB), and including IMPORT ASCII in the search criteria gets over 100 hits:  Here's an example, in case this helps you zip into an installed application you may have to accomplish your goal (Excel is one which comes to mind that makes ascii importation a cinch): -- hopefully you'll find some additional help here.



Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I apologize, loudpedal, for omitting one other query you had of me.  You mentioned allocating 50 points to me; but you're probably only seeing 5 now (10% - after converting an open question to what's called a PAQ, which represents 10% of the original value).

Here's the way that goes.  Your original point value is what you've given up, as in this case, 50 points:

Once you've taken the step to pay someone, then the grade you assign is leveraged.  For example, you will only lose your original points put up - which in this case was 50 points.  Once the Question is converted to an accepted answer and becomes what is called a PAQ, it is then reflected at 10% of its original value, which here is 5.  

So, at this point you've paid 50 points from your available points.  The way that experts get paid is (if I understand this right) as follows:

You gave up 50 points, and gave a B grade, so that equates to 50 X 3 = 150 points which I received because you graded my contribution as a B thus the point value X 3.  Had it been different, here are those scenarios:

Points offers = 50 (This never changes despite grades, you pay a fixed amount) However, the value which then migrates to the expert you pay changes based upon grade.  For example:

A grade = 50 X 4 = 200 points
B            X 3   150
C            X 2   100
D            X 1    50 (base value)

Hope this helps explain the process (assuming I got it right myself).

Best wishes,


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