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I have recently acquired Flash 4.0.  My question is how would you go about creaing a Load screen.  I know how to create a load screen with Flash 3.0 but I tried using the same method with Flash 4.0 and it does not work.  Is there a difference or am I doing something wrong?
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Okay, here's what I usually do:

Create a new movie clip symbol that will be the Loading animation.

In your main scene, in the first frame, drop that loading symbol.

Now, right click that frame, go to Properties, click the Actions tab. Add an action (using the plus + button) called If Frame Is Loaded. Select the name of the scene you are loading and the number of the last frame in that scene. Now add another action called Go To. Select the scene name and type in the frame number of the scene you want to jump to. There is a checkbox that looks like this:

Control: Go To and Play

Make sure this box is checked. Click OK and export.

I hope this helps =)


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CommieMAuthor Commented:
Thank this worked well.  I also did manage to find more specific information as to what I was looking but thank you for the info.
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