I have McAfee anti-virus 4.0.2 on my IBM-compatible Compaq Presario K6-II 366MHz/32MB/4.3 gig laptop computer. I am running Microsoft Windows 98 first edition on it. Is it OK to also add Norton anti-virus 2000 on it or would that cause a conflict?
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1cellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
could cause a conflict and I will tell you another thing.  The virus software which I use and recommend to all is F-prot.  I put it on a network which was running MacAfee's and found three viruses in 1 day.

check it out, you'll love it

download the fp-306.exe
Norton is good also, saved my butt twice.
Yes, forgot, do agree with 1cell that it could conflict for sure. Especially when running in the background "autoprotect"
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