How do u create horizontal grain tiles??

Hi all:
How do you create a horizontal grain tile. I've noticed them on many sites. They look so clean and nice. Any help would be realllly appreciative. I'm trying to put one on my website.
Thanks in advance.
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techpageConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well... use photoshop to make the grain tile...

make it tile vertically and horizontally... for example... if you want to make a grain of rice... you make the first tile (make sure you have the grid shown, it helps you to place the tile accurately), copy several times to the right and bottom of the first tile. you don't have to worry about the difference between the first tile and the rest, you can fix that. In photoshop you will find "Rubber Stamp" tool use it to fix the difference between the grain.

now cut wherever you want but it must be the same size as the first tile's
if you have difficulties, please feel free to email me at
Horizontal grain tile? Perhaps a picture would help considering a horizontal grain tile could mean so many things.
well, have you tried using JPEG or GIF?
you could just put them to your HTML source code
hmm I don't know, could you explain in detail what horizontal grain tile would mean?  and, for any graphic or pic, you could simply browse the net for it, you don't have to construct it from scratch.
simply put them to your HTML source code.
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