Performa 636 & Netscape 4.5

How can I upgrade Performa 636 (OS 8.1, 20 MB Ram) so it is compatible with Netscape 4.5. Get more RAM?  How much RAM? Anything else to be done?
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using netscape 4.5 on that machine, no matter what you do to it, is going to be deathly slow. Sure more ram will help but just starting netscape will take over a minute. I would recommend using another browser like iCab from It uses less ram and is much faster than netscape. If you have to use netscape 4.5 then your best bet is to 1) get more ram despite the slowness or 2) get a new machine.
joanrsAuthor Commented:
The iCab FAQs suggest that it is not yet ready for full use (e.g., does not support Java Script); and it's not clear that it supports OS 8.1 which I have.
But I will consider the other suggestions.  Thank you.
Yeah iCab does lack javascript but i use it for my primary browser and rarely run into javascript issues. When i do have problems then i open netscape just for that page. The time i save by using a smaller faster browser more than makes up for it.
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