how to pop up a frame when mouse at certain area?

i have a applet which cointain a pic, and i would like to pop up a frame when user's mouse move around that area.....but it always pop up to many frame(i think so, bcoz i have to close many time only the frame close) pic applet is in one file...and the frame is in another file

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Use a static boolen variable which will keep track of the instance created by pop up frame class. Then u can avoid creating multiple instances of the same frame.


Create a singleton class ...

Try out....


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bhuey_lingAuthor Commented:
well ..actually wat i use dialog box.......but i thinnk it is same as frame......could u be more write the code....i dun know how to handle this between 2 file..thanx

I created two files  and extends JDialog.

Ur Frame can also be an applet.

public static boolean dialogflg=true;

Under mousemovelistener ()
    StandardDialog1 sd = new StandardDialog1(this); (true);

Compile both the files and put them in the same package.

Try out...

bhuey_lingAuthor Commented:
i would like to ask if i want the boolean activate each time the dialog box can i do it?

bhuey_lingAuthor Commented:
below is my program is written in old style (didn't use listener)....but it have a problem that it pop up two dialog box each time my mouse come to that to solve it?

boolean dialogflg = true;
    public boolean mouseMove(Event e, int x, int y){  
      Frame f=new Frame("InfoDialog Test");
      InfoDialog dlg=new InfoDialog(f,"Think about it!",
      " hahaha");      
      if(x<180 && x>10 && y<190 && y>10&&dialogflg==true){           ;
      else if(x>180 || x<10){
      return true;
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