InstallShield and the BDE


I am trying to deploy the BDE with my ap using InstallShield, but when I get to the build stage I get an error message that the program cannot find Datapump.exe.  It is expecting to find it in the BDE folder on my machine.

I re-installed the BDE on my computer (just in case), but the file is still not there.

Is there a workaround, or have I done something wrong?  I am using D4 Standard.

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AndersWPConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe the DataPump utility is not included with the Standard edition of Delphi - you need at least Professionel and perhaps Client/Server edition.

You probably do not need DataPump anyway - it is a utility that helps moving data from one DB to another.

You can remove it from your installation package by clicking on the 'Groups and files' button in IS, locating all files with names on the form DataDump*.* and deleting them from the file set (just click the file and press <Del>).

I hope this helps.

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