Win98 Hangs on shutdown

i seen this question so many times before but i am too lazy to go back and find it. this happens at work where we are all connected on a network. and it isnt just mine. lots of others have this problem. once in a long while though it will actually turn off. My computer is a Micron PIII 450. There are also Celeron 466's out there too. what is the easiest way i can rid this problem and if possible wihout reinstalling anything
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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Vic, although Nestiam posted a list of support articles, I haven't visited any of them in order to determine whether I am repeating what he posted.

First issue is what type of network is it, LAN or WAN or VPN, and is it Novell, Windows NT or ??

Second, have you applied the shutdown supplement that you can obtain here:

It is usually caused by a program failing to close at shutdown. The icons in the taskbar by the clock. You can close them and see if it shuts down as it should. If you do them one at a time you will probably find the culprit.

There are other reasons so let us know if that doesn't fix it.
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Disable "Scan floppy drive at shutdown" in your virus program.

The easiest thing to try first is to download the shutdown supplemrnt in the windows 98update. ie Start, Windows update
start\run  type msconfig click advanced on first tab(general), check disbable fast shutdown, apply\ok\ reboot.....

it gives all those slowly closing programs the time they need to shutdown properly .

Vic54Author Commented:
i know it took me a while to answer back because this system was really messed up and didnt give me the option to respond back and accept the answer. it worked better then before so i like to thank you.
Anytime Vic!
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