using jar

If I have Swing 1.03 source code components. Ex. And i include it in my Applet .jar file.
Can i avoid download Swing 1.03 plug-in in my browser to see my Applet with swing component in it?
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setiawanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Meidi,

Halomoan ? lu udah tanya gue kan, nah kayak yg si zicai bilang, bisa, asal lu masukin semua dependencies class untuk JTextArea ke dalam file jar lu, OK

 Good Luck,
Unless you are very sure that the component does not use any other classes of the Swing package, otherwise you have to download.. Since you have the source code for the component, you can edit it to meet your own requirment:)

Good luck!
Zicai - Never tried with Swing yet
also look

JAX reads class files, analyzes them, and generates a compressed ZIP file as output
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