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I am currently looking to design a main menu for an application I am developing.  My idea is that all the main menu options will be visible whilst the program is running taking up approx 1\5 of the screen.  I want it to have the same feel as the Windows Start button but am open to different suggestions.  Could anyone point me in the right direction.  Thanks in advance for this very general question.

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vbyuvalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1.What do you mean you are looking for comments ?
2.The popup menu I gave you will look as you design !
1.You can creat an unvisible menu and a ConnamdButton .
  In the CommandButton you call to popup menu ...
  If you need same code commet me .

2.You can create a CommandButton and a Form with
  properties:   With=Command1.Width,Height=options*optioneight, if you
  want a static menu (not animated) Top =
  Command1.Top+Me.Height else Top = Command1.Top (but
  later you will have to change the Top property ) and  
  Visible=False,name=NewFormName .
  In the MouseOver event write :

  If (x<0) Or (y<0) Then
  End If

  On the form you should put your labels(the options) and write
  in each one of them in the MouseOver event :
  If (x>0) And (y>0) Then  
  End If

  And in the Click event write the command .

  In the CommandButton you write :

                                                            Yuval Amir
I_jollyAuthor Commented:
Thanks ..It's a good idea.

What I'm really looking for are comments so that I can select the best one.  I am currently using toggle buttons but they look naff.  I want something that's smooth and professional...
I_jollyAuthor Commented:
I was looking for suggestions so that I could select the best one - I didn't actually mean to reject the answer but delay until I had a choice and then test them all out.  The answer that you have given looks very good. Could you send a sample of the code - If I get it working I will accept the answer.

Sorry for the confusion
I_jollyAuthor Commented:
Thanks.....Sorry for the delay.
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