Simple BACKUP and RESTORE NT 4 Workst

I search some simple way,
how to backup the disk with NT 4  Workstation to another local disk  , and later restore it back  to  formatted disk without new, long time  NT system installation .
My idea is  :
backup somehow the whole disk contents  with NT 4 workst   system to another local hard disk
and later :
- MS DOS  system disk format
- run some DOS line utility, which restore NT 4 workst   system and disk contents,
- or  install some "quick , small" NT 4 workst system instalation, and from it  restore the whole disk contents
- or boot some small diskette NT 4 workst system and from it restore the whole disk contents

Does anybody known this resolution?

It would be fine,but no neccessary if the same resolution work for Windows95 backup and restore.

(by the way,does anybody known way, how to install NT4 Workst from another hard disk without long time instalation part – copying files to temp folder ?)
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The best disk imaging tool around :)
Takes an image file of your complete harddrive and you can burn it to a bootable cd to restore the complete system in case of a crash.
I used it yesterday at the office, restored a NT-workstation with lots of applications in less than 10 Mins.
I agree with RockWolf, the only image programm that works is Ghost. I have used it many times now and it has saved me a lot of work and time. I did a complete NT-workstation rollout of 200 station's in less than a day, complete with the change of sid's.

Please use this tool and forget the rest

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HMMM, I think I should answer this...
Not nice to see people 'steal' your comment to post an answer :(
Sorry Rockwolf, but it wasn't my intention to steal your answer for some lauzy points, but i'm new to this system and it will never happen again.

still, Ghost is a Great product....!
ok, no problem ;)

Same thing happened to me once you know ;)

hatinaAuthor Commented:
Does exist any solution without buing
next commercial product ?
I mean any way (my idea above) :
- copy , or backup with standard packers
(ZIP, Arj,some anothe backup program) NT system disk contens to another disk,
- and for restore to the same formatted disk some very short installation NT,
and then restore  

The 'standard-way' is to use a tape-backup system, but that will cost you more money as the norton Ghost I think.
Do you have more than 1 computer? Are they networked?
If you have enough disk-space you could backup the whole C:\ to another disk on another PC in your network, but I wouldn't recommend this.
hatinaAuthor Commented:
Why not ?
It is the real thing, what I need :
Backup the whole C:\
(in NT Workst 4.0 sytem  )
to another disk,
and later (after disk formating)
restore back. I hope, there is many
programs for backup /restore to do it,
But they demand on pre long time full NT installation. So - look for my idea
above - the shortest way ,
how to restore backup NT Workst disk content to pure formatted disk,
(without buing next commercial programs)

I have enough disk-space in another local disks , and in network too.

Besides this, there is no critical
bussines system, in fact there is testing computer, where I need quickly
return system to pure, defined condiditons (with some applications on the same disk)

When copying your C:\ to another disk on antoher system, you could lose/change file permissions. So it's not a good idea to just copy it to another disk.
In case of a crash you could use a boot-disk with network support to copy your backed-up C:\ back to the original place. But like I said, File permissions won't be the same anymore. And even when you would do it, copying 500MB or more over the network takes a long time. In the mean time, your Ghost image would already be installed.
Believe me, Ghost is worth every cent of it :)

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hatinaAuthor Commented:
The simplest things in the life
(and about computers too)
are the hardest.

Lets OK, I close this question ,
and accept your advice. Thank for it.
For solution my problem I shall try other way - automatic installation
(I mean without user support).
I diplay  it as my next question.

Thank for help

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