Image Capture Via API

I have an application that triggers a third party *.exe with an image request. This third party *.exe processes the request and opens a window with the requested image.

My thoughts are to find the handle of the window and of the subsequent image container then extract the image for export over the net.

There has been a previous question almost identical to this at: 

One difference is that I'm on NT not 95 and I don't have Appleman's book (yet) to find the applicable API's.

Sound feasible? If so, which API's do I need.

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Are you looking to do a screen capture or what? If it's just a matter of tranfering a certain file I can help, but you need to know the name of the file.
rlemAuthor Commented:
Yes VBGuru, this is the type of info I was looking for. I believe this has provided me with all the pieces to the puzzle, now it's just a matter of fitting them together.

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