RedHat 6.1 Kernel Error

I see this error on only my new RH6.1 servers every now and then, not sure what or where its coming frorm, let alone how to stop it.

Jan 14 11:57:10 www.(company).com kernel: cdrom: open failed.  

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edicomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well, looks like it failed to open the cdrom device, maybe simply because there s no disk in it (do you have cdrom build as a module, maybe that could be the result of some probing to unload it by the module autoloader...). Anyway, it s just a guess. If you want to investigate more, probably have a look at the /usr/src/linux/drivers/block/ide-cdrom.c
BTW I wouldn t name directly my machine www but rather give another name and use a CNAME in the DNS for www, it s easier to move service to another machine afterwards.
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