Transfer Data to my web database from VB

How do i transfer data to an internet database from VB  using any technology?

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autConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the INet control and the Web Browser control.

Let your program create an HTML file, and in the HTML document, place your data in a FORM to be submitted using "POST".

Then write a simple JavaScript that automatically submits the form to a CGI script on your server.

The CGI script should handle writing the data into the database.
Could you be more specific?  
ashok_001Author Commented:

I have a program that collects some information, when it's running, from the user - VB 6.0, i now want to upload all of this info, as a record, into any standard database, that is on the web.

I also want the program to read specific information off the database.
I do not want to make use of any browser commands/html etc. Is there any activex control, or any other utility/library that will automate this work for me? and what kind of database, is required on the server side, access/custom db etc..... i dont know
cgi, is there a cgi library that can do this for me

thanks guys for responding
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ashok_001Author Commented:
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ashok_001Author Commented:

I need to know a little more info abt this, please help me with this qn. i want to do my work like how real player
checks for upgrade. do let me know

Checking for upgrade can be achieved with a VERY simple trick :-)

Here's how:
1. Create a text file, call it "version.txt", and in it, place the latest version number. DO NOT put a carriage after the version number.

2 Host this file on the web server, so it's url will be something like this:

3. Place an Inet control on your form. Also, place a Command Button on your form.

4. In the form's code, place the following:
Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim LatestHTML As String
    Static flgChecking As Boolean
    Dim CurrentVersion As Single
    Dim LatestVersion As Single
    'flgChecking ensures that you cannot send another request if the current
    'one has not finished executing
    If flgChecking Then Exit Sub
    flgChecking = True
    'Get Current Version
    CurrentVersion = CSng(App.Major & "." & App.Minor)

    'Get the Text File
    LatestHTML = Inet1.OpenURL("")
    LatestVersion = Val(Trim(LatestHTML))
    'Check Current Version
    Select Case LatestVersion
        Case CurrentVersion
            'User is running the latest version
            MsgBox "No newer version is available at this time."
        Case 0
            'Could not check for newer version
            MsgBox "Could not determine the latest version, please try again later."
        Case Is > Version
            'A newer version is available
            MsgBox "A newer version is available for download."
    End Select
    'Allow the subroutine to be run again
    flgChecking = False
End Sub

ashok_001Author Commented:

I have one more question

I tried to upload to an ftp server using
inet1.execute "POST filename(w/path)",
it fails. any reasons?

Why does it fail? What's the error, I mean...
ashok_001Author Commented:
There is no error as such, but the file is just not transferred. I would be very greatful to you if you, would give me an example so as how to upload via http/ftp

pls help

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