How do I find the amount of RAM on a SCO Unix box?

I have a (remote) SCO Unix box (Pentium PC) and I need to find out how much RAM it has on it.  Rebooting and watching the RAM test isn't an option as it's running a production system.  I'm wondering if there's an equivalent to the DOS 'mem' command.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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OPoplawskiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try /etc/memsize.  You may need to be root to execute.
/etc/memsize won't work on all systems. (LINUX don't have it)
If you have a /proc fs try cat /etc/meminfo or
top which will work almost on every system. SGIs used the command hinv.
On most unix systems when they boot up they send write all their system messages including mem count to /usr/adm/messages

a sample from one of my unix systems is seen below, the actual memory installe d in the box is under mem header  

Jan 10 10:35:16 BERT unix: SunOS Release 5.6 Version Generic_105181-11 [UNIX(R) System V Release 4.0]
Jan 10 10:35:16 BERT unix: Copyright (c) 1983-1997, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Jan 10 10:35:16 BERT unix: mem = 1048576K (0x40000000)
Jan 10 10:35:16 BERT unix: avail mem = 1039138816

badreeceAuthor Commented:
/etc/memsize worked great.  Sorry for the delay in grading.  I was called out of town for a few days.
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