modem configuration

Hi, i have mandrake linux 6.1
and i had an external modem.
The modem had been detected on the system, but everytime i try to connect to internet, the system cannot initialize the modem.
and when i try to query the modem, all the ati setting were error.
i dont know what is wrong.
the modem is external actiontec call waiting modem.
and i am using kppp.
the system said the modem ready when i tried /dev/cua0.
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A few questions for you.

What program are you using to connect to the internet ( kppp / pppd )?

Do you know which serial port your modem is connected to?

What model of modem do you have?

Where did the system say that it had detected your modem?
prasetyoAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
/dev/cua0 is a bit obselete now. Try using /dev/ttyS0 instead. It talks to the same place, and should stop locking problems in the future. But that won't solve your problem.

Instead, try the 'dip' program. Try the following session with dip

# dip -t
DIP> port ttyS0
DIP> term

Then at the terminal window type


Hopefully the modem should give you a response of OK. If that fails, try 'port cua0' instead.

Also try

ls -l /dev/modem

and put the results up.
Did you get a book with the modem?  Actiontec did a fairly good job of providing linux instructions in it.  I have an internal though and it works like a champ.
Your modem should be /dev/ttySx where x is a number from 0to 3

Start your machine up and go to a console.
ctrl alt f2 should work. login as root, (be very careful from here on in) check your bootup messages to see that the modem was detected. Look for ttyS01 or ttyS00 ttyS03 or ttyS02 might show up also. Install and run the minicom ( a little com program) try all the com ports and see if you can dial your ISP .
minicom -s will bring up the setup or "ctrl a ->o" will work
Set your modem to /dev/ttyS0 through /dev/ttyS3 till you can dial out.

Internal modems are usually com3 in dos /dev/ttyS2 in linux.
External modems are either com1 or com2 in dos /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttyS1 in linux.

Best of luck.

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