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I produced a great web site in FP2000 (Windows 98) and it plays back fine in Internet Explorer 5.0 on a computer running windows 98.  But - on that same computer, many of the graphics do not appear whenever I try to browse with it in netscape.  Instead, graphic placeholders appear.  And - on a mac, the same problem, even when i browse in the mac version of internet explorer.  How can I get my web to be browsable in browsers and platforms other than Windows 98 running internet explorer 5.0?
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sduellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try looking at the html for your web pages.  In specific, look at the actual coding being written by FP regarding your images location.  Be sure that it is not being referenced to as a literal location.  
Some examples are:
* As a file that is located only on your local server.
* As a file that is located only in your FrontPage web development cache.
* As a file that is located on your computer's hard drive.
* As a file located behind security protection.

Other things to watch for include:
* Making sure the image is saved in a format recognized by Netscape Navigator.
* Forcing the image's size to be included as part of your coding.

Hope this helps.
Steve Duell
CavnarAuthor Commented:
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Are you viewing this site through a web server, or from the file system?

There could be a BIG difference!

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