Prevent onmousedown event from bubbling up in IE

Ok, I think this question is one of the FAQ. But here it is anyway :-). I would like to catch the onmousedown and prevent the browser to interpret it. (I am doing this to display a layer, simulating a contextual menu, where the right mouse button is clicked.)

I have some code that works fine in Netscape, but I can't reproduce the same result with IE. When the event is fired, I set the event.cancelBubble to true, but it doesn't seem to have any effet.

So for instance, how to prevent the browser to go to Yahoo! (and just do nothing instead) when the "Yahoo!" link is clicked in the example below:

<a href="">Yahoo!</a>
    document.anchors [0].onmousedown = function () {
        event.cancelBubble = true; // This doesn't seem to work.

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As I understand it, cancelBubble merely prevents the event 'bubbling' UP to the next object in the document which could receive the event. So it isn't what you're looking for to cancel the event here.

You need to return false to cancel the event, however mousedown or mouseup are not the triggering events for a link; onclick is.

Try this (note: the anchor needs an ID or NAME):

<a ID="anchor1" href="">Yahoo!</a>
    document.anchors[0].onclick = function () {return false};


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avernetAuthor Commented:
Cool and there is a oncontextmenu to handle the right mouse click. Thank you very much for your quick answer.

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