How to get rid of systray icons?

At present I have about 8 icons in my System Tray (lower right corner of screen).  I need virtually none of those icons there.  How do I suppress these, so they don't re-appear at boot time?  I'd like to gain more room for status bar icons.
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1)Go to Start,Run and type in msconfig
2)Click the Startup tab and uncheck any program you don't want to start a boot up.

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These could also be toolbar icons that can be added or removed by going to a blank spot on the taskbar and right click and select toolbar, then if there is a "checkmark" in front of any of the listed items just "incheck" it and the icons will be gone.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Most of the icons at the systray can be removed from bootup of the computer by following ways.
(1) Go to the Start-programs-startup, drag the shortcut icons to its related program list or drag it on the desktop.

(2) If there are still some icons remaining in the systray, identify what they are.
      Go to start-run, type "msconfig" without quotation in the open box; OK to open the system configuration utilities. At the startup tab, search the line for startup of these icons and unchecked the box of it.
      OK and restart the computer.
      It will not load in the systray.
(3) There are still some icons which need to disable from startup within the program itself.
      You may post details of what these icons are about or look like.

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Just reread my comment   That was supposed to read "uncheck"

Stupid fingers don't know how to spell
Also go to Start,Programs,Startup and right click and delete anything you don't want to start at boot up from there. All these things you turn off or delete are shortcuts and shouldn't have any effect on your programs.
To start the program you would have to go to Start,Programs and then choose it from there
lgil9Author Commented:
To mrbreeze, rayt333, and pslh:
I think you all miss my point, which was not that I want to stop those programs from loading, but to get the icon removed from systray.  I want to re-capture the real estate.

Here's what loads into my systray, and what I'd like to have happen in each case:
*   Norton CrashGuard (prevent loading)
**  Norton AntiVirus (load, but with no icon)
*   Task Scheduler (prevent loading)
*   Expertool (prevent loading)
*** Volume Control (load, and keep icon)
**  DLink, NIC-related(load, but with no icon)
* (prevent loading)

Note that NONE of these are in the Start/Programs/Start folder.

Note that NONE of these are un-selectable in msconfig

* prevent loading:  where would I look to find out where things like Expertool and load?
** even if I find where these are loaded, how can I make it so they do load, but no icon is left in systray?

Thank you each for your contributions so far.

If the program loads it is going to put the icon there. You can not have it load and not have the icon. You can stop them from loading at startup by either removing them as we have explained or by a setting in the program itself.
Every program that loads at startup is in that msconfig setting. If it isn't there by name it is using a different name. If by you are refering to real player there is a setting in real players preferences setting named smart center. Unchecking that will stop it.
Again you can't have the program load and not have the icon
lgil9Author Commented:
Mrbreeze wrote:
"If the program loads it is going to put the icon there. You can not have it load and not have the icon. You can stop them from loading at startup by either removing them as we have explained or by a setting in the program itself. "

Ok, now we're getting somewhere.  I stand corrected:  the system tray programs that load are, in fact, listed in msconfig.  I had been looking in the "General" tab, where you can do a Selective Startup--disabling autoexec.bat, config.sys, etc.  Once I tuned into the "Startup" tab, however, I found what I was looking for, and accomplished what I needed to.  Great.

I'm still curious, though, what a number of the Startup programs are for, and what would happen if I disable them:
  -- regrun2.exe
  -- Load Power Profile (rundll32.exe)
  -- Task Monitor (taskmon.exe)
  - Scheduling Agent (mstask.exe)
Do you know?
- Scheduling Agent (mstask.exe)
By using Task Scheduler, you can schedule tasks (such as Disk Defragmenter) to run at a time that is most convenient for you. Task Scheduler starts each time you start Windows, and runs in the background.
With Task Scheduler, you can:
Schedule a task to run daily, weekly, monthly, or at certain times (such as system startup).
Change the schedule for a task.
Stop a scheduled task.
Customize how a task runs at a scheduled time

Task Monitor (taskmon.exe)
keeps a watch on the tasks and programs that are running. You can access it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del

Load Power Profile (rundll32.exe)
Is the power management module that loads your dll's and

I don't really know  hehehe

Only the Scheduling Agent is in the taskbar, it is the little square with a clock on it. That one is safe to turn off if you don't want the system to do maintaince automatically. The others you don't want to turn off.

Hope that helps you and someone else may be able to explain it farther but

Thats my story and I'm sticking to it
lgil9Author Commented:
Thanks, you've been a big help.
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