Is it possible...

Is it possible to submit information to a CGI script and recieve the output without actually going to the CGI url?

Say I went to:\index.htm

And submitted a form to:\my.cgi

But I didn't want it to say:\my.cgi

In the Address bar. I wanted it to say:\index.htm

Sorry if this text seems really's the best I could do, though. :)
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if your server supports SSI includes (most do these days, especially if they give full CGI):

rename index.html to index.shtml (so the server parses it and runs the directives)

add the following line:

<!--#exec cgi="my.cgi"-->

this inserts the output from the CGI into the HTML page before sending it to the client.

(of course you could always just rename my.cgi to index.cgi - unless it really matters what it says in the location bar)

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You can make browser go to URL returned by CGI script, who need to return only:
Location: index.htm\n\n
But, this is other story, how index.htm will be able to display new info ...
you can do THE old trick to hide those ugly urls for your visitors by using frames, where the first frame is your cgi-formstuff and the other frame is a 1-pixel high empty frame. if you do this at your toplevel index.html the addressbar will only show
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