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Help! built in beige G3 Ethernet problems!

I Have a new iMac DV 400Mz and im connecting it through ethernet by a crossover cable the iMac can setup easily to get ready for file sharing but on the beige G3 when trying to select 'ethernet' in the apple talk control panel I get the error message "An error occored attempting to use Ethernet  Make sure your network connections are correct"

Both machines are running os 9 and ive tried to reconnect the crossover cable a number of times. I don't know what to do!! please help me someone.
1 Solution
Well the typical cause of this issue is that either youre missing 1 silly obscure ethernet extension, or your ethernet port is defunkt. Im more likely to lean towards the first explanation. Its so common to ditch one extension thinking youre not gonna need it and when you do eventually need it you forgot you tossed it. Do a clean install of JUST the Network/Open Transport Etc parts of OS9. Ill bet money that it fixes your issue.
Another thing to consider is, using a crossover cable is more of a hack than something that'll work perfect, 100% of the time. From my experience, you've got to have the cable plugged in to both computers, and boot them up at the SAME time. Then, (having an extra person helps) make sure that in the AppleTalk control panel the connections are set to ethernet. Again, if they aren't, change them at exactly the same time.

Also, make sure you are using the correct cable, as a regular ethernet cable won't work (I've made that mistake before).

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