Changing the window right click options...

Hello all
On the Right mouse click of the window title bar of my application ,i am getting the windows default Restore/Move/Size.. options.Is there a way to change the options to a custom made one.
i did the  following...
mouseReleased(MouseEvent e)
..Do what ever...
This doesn't seem to be working..Even the event(mouseRealesed) is not getting fired(when you click on the window title bar),but mouse entered is getting fired when the mouse enters the window.
i even tried over riding processEvent(AWTevent e) method.
Please give you your valuble suggestions.Some one told me that it is not possible.So am i wasting my time??
Thanx in advance....
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dvd99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah well i'm sorry to say that i don't think this is possible because the window (title bar movement arrows ect.)
are not controled by Java or any other language.
It's controled be the windows window manager type thing thats why all windows apps look the same if windows did not control the style and workings of a program you would have to write *LOTS* of code just to show the window and have it behave correctly.
It maby could be done but it would take ages , be very hard and not possible in java.

Why did is this an answer?
Because there won't be anyother ways!!
PriyanAuthor Commented:
Thanx dvd99,
So what you mean to say is that there is no way to trap  the right click on the window title bar?Why mouse entered and mouse exited is working.Please help me with this too..
PriyanAuthor Commented:
well All the mouse events will work inside the frame where the actual application takes place the title bar can be accesed in ways but it can't nessecerly be changed. or added to.

You can give the title bar a title

Thanks for the points!!
PriyanAuthor Commented:
Thanx for your answer dvd99.So could any one suggest some tips or urls to proove that it is imossible in java so that i could add that in my documentation .So please rush your valuble suggestions
With regards
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