Quality of hard drives

Is tehre much difference in quality and reliability between the different brands of hard drives??    I am looking  at a computer wiht a Seagate HDD in it, should i avoid this brand??  
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Thats sure to draw a lot of fire. Generally speaking without a lot of opinion they are about the same, as long as they are name brands. Seagate is a good one. Just like cars the more features you want the more expensive they are, and the more you pay, the more you get.

You said you are looking at a machine with a Seagate asked if you should aviod the seagate, I would say no.
little advice
The first question to ask to yourself is what application you will do with your computer. have your hard drive to work fast ( for example: video applications, saving works ...) and depending on your choice buy a SCSI or IDE one.

For your question, like Mrbreeze said Seagate is a good one. I have ont too where are located my programms, and i never had problems with it
Granted that there is not right or wrong answer to an "opinion" question like this, my experience has been good with the reliability of the following brands :

IBM (In my opinion, the BEST!)

My experience has been bad with:

Western Digital (although their tech support is great)
Fujitsu (In my opinion, the WORST!)
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Another angle you might consider is the financial health of the manufacturer. Companies whose primary business is making hard drives have been bleeding money for quite a while and I wonder whether their warranties will be worth much if they go broke. I would agree with jhance's rankings except for the fact that I've never had a problem with Fujitsu (now you've got me worrying!)
Out here we have been having problems with new Seagates.  They used to be good, but we have had a lot of failures lately.  Maybe just a bad batch from the warehouse.  Quantum is high on my list, as it seems to be with most people.
>I've never had a problem with Fujitsu
>(now you've got me worrying!)

I didn't intent to it's just that every single Fujitsu drive I've ever had has failed at least once.  I've had a couple that have died twice!  I will say, however, that they were all of the same type and made during the same time period.  It may have just been a bad model or a bad period in their factory.

I don't have any additional experience with them as I've removed all of them from service and never bought any more.
I told you it would draw a lot of fire. So some have had good results from some brands while others have had bad results from the same brands so I think you can say that generally they are all about the same as far as quality and reliability is concerned. Most agree that Seagate is as good as any of the others so avoiding the brand is just a preference.
Seagate's are nice drives. I also like Western Digital (Great drives). Stay away from Maxtor and Fujitsu.
I have had over two years of personal experience with Seagate, Maxtor, WD, and Fujitsu, and can't tell the difference between them as far as reliability is concerned.

My vote is to stick with one of these brands.  However, their relative speeds (seek time, etc.) should be investigated at each manufacturor's website for the particular make and model you are considering.  A 13 ms seek time can seem like forever vs. a 9 ms seek time on a newer drive, as evidenced by my 400 mz Celeron  e-machinr with an old Seagate HD as compared with my Cyrix 300 mz with a newer Maxtor.

Hope this helps.

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