Hard disc drive

What are the warning signs a hard disc drive is on the way out or aren't there any?
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sometimes there are warnings, sometimes there aren't.

Common warning signs:

unusual noises like grinding, louder than normal whining, scratching or screeching sounds.

repetitive knocking sounds accompanied by a delay in computer response followed by a period of "normal" operation.

mysterious loss or corruption of data.

sudden appearance of bad blocks.

SCANDISK runs but gets hung up for hours (or forever) at a particular place on the disk.

boot time failure of the drive to initialize but things work OK on the 2nd or 3rd try.

Windows just doesn't do a good job of reporting problems from a hard drive until the error is unrecoverable so the lack of a report is not necessarily an indicate that things are OK.

Are you having any particular symptoms or just asking in general?

BTW, I cannot stress the habit of regular backups enough.  Even if there appears to be no problem with your drive, they can fail instantly and without any notice.
djmsamAuthor Commented:
I am having a lot more hard disc wining (not louder just a lot more of what sounds like file swapping) and the computer screen pauses a lot more when typing say on the internet and waiting for pages to come up but not when playing a game of a CD Rom.
It boots up OK and does everything else fine.
Sorry i don't have any more points to give you.
Many thanks
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