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I have just installed one of the incarnations of Windows 2000 on my machine, and I found that all of the registry registered apps in windows98 are not showing up in windows 2000.  Windows 2000 is sitting on a FAT32 partition, not NTFS.  I was wondering if I were to install my apps again in NT, would I take up more disk space, or would it just link shortcuts to the appropriate places on C:\ and add registry entries to Windows NT.  I am currently in a gradual migration off of Windows 98 and would like to be able to access applications on both sides.  But I would not like to have to take up disk space again for the massive install of things like Office 2000.  Thank you!!
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You need to install the programs twice, but for space saving you can choose the same directory.


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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Lermitte is correct.  However, certain files will be duplicated for certain installation.  Windows programs store their files generall in two locations - their PROGRAM FILES directory and certain system related files in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM (or WINNT\SYSTEM32).  The files that get deposited in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder will be duplicated, taking extra space, when they are placed in the WINNT\SYSTEM32 directory.
LUFTHANSAAuthor Commented:
Alright, thank you, both of you.  Since there really isn't a definitive answer to this, I may as well close off the question.  It does take a little extra space, but I was hoping that a solution in software or something existed.  Thank you leew, for your comment.  But lermitte put something down first, so I'll close off by accepting his as an answer.  But thank you for offering assistance, nonetheless.
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