Test for existance of File

How can I find out if a file exists before I try to open it?  Using vb5
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Here are two different ways to check.  The first one does not need require you to include any additional resources:

Public Function FileExists(ByVal FilePath As String) As Boolean
    ' ----------------------------------
    ' Handle Errors:
    ' ----------------------------------
    On Error Resume Next
    ' ----------------------------------
    ' Local Variable Declarations:
    ' ----------------------------------
    Dim lngFileNum As Long
    ' Trim right to the first backslash:
    If Right(FilePath, 1) = "\" Then
        ' Assign value to variable:
        FilePath = Left(FilePath, Len(FilePath) - 1)
    End If
    ' Open the file:
    lngFileNum = FreeFile
    Open FilePath For Input As lngFileNum
    ' Return value:
    ' If there was an error the file does not exist:
    If Err <> 0 Then
        FileExists = False
        Err = 0
    ' No error indicates the file exist and was opened:
        FileExists = True
    End If
    ' Close the file:
    Close lngFileNum
End Function

This one is simpilar but you need to incude a reference in your project to 'Microsoft Scripting Runtime', which is the 'scrrun.dll'.

All you need now is to add the following:

Dim fsFile          As New Scripting.FileSystemObject


I started using VB at version 6.0, used VC++ before that so I am not certain if VB5 supports 'Microsoft Scripting Runtime'.

Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
Instead of opening the file just to see if it exists, look in the help for the Dir function. If an error is returned then the file do not exist. You can also check if a folder exist with DIR.
Function FileExist(Filename As String) As Boolean

  On Error GoTo Errorhandler
  Call FileLen(Filename)
  FileExist = True
  Exit Function

  FileExist = False

End Function
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donb1Author Commented:
vbmaster's comment is the easiest and it works fine.
Nice ;)

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Just curious if 'Microsoft Scripting Runtime' is available in VB5?
donb1Author Commented:
Couldn't find 'Microsoft Scripting Runtime'
Nope, not with VB5.
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